Tramec Sloan is pleased to announce the addition of SureGrip™ handles to our product line! Going forward, these new rubber hose grips will replace the plastic Dura-Grip® handles found on our 3-in-1 Wraps and Tractor-to-Trailer hose assemblies. Products featuring our aluminum grips are also being discontinued.

A full list of affected part numbers is available in the Product Bulletin.

  • All current wrap and hose part numbers that utilize plastic Dura-Grips will now feature SureGrip Handles instead. Coiled Air assemblies with Dura-Grips are not affected.
  • This is a running change and customers may initially receive mixed product until we are fully switched over.
  • Ordering and lead times on these items are unaffected by the running change.
  • Our new rubber SureGrip Handles provide the strain relief of a spring while also offering a comfortable, ergonomic grip for improved leverage and the confidence of a secure gladhand connection.
  • Assemblies utilizing the plastic Dura-Grips or aluminum grips are still available, but only by special request.


Click the images below to view and download PDFs of our product bulletin and newly updated literature.