Lift Axle Control Module, Axle Normally Up

Solenoid and regulator are on the same side. Does not include gauge. Click here to view installation guide.

The Tramec Sloan Lift Axle Control Module

Ready for Installation! Tramec Sloan’s Lift Axle Control Module Reduces Parts by 50% Compared to Other Lift Axle Circuitries

Designed to Electronically Control the Raising and Lowering of a Lift Axle by Inflating & Deflating the Air Bags.The Module Incorporates a 4-Way Valve, Regulator, DOT Cartridge Push-In Fittings, Automatic Solenoid, and Air Gauge.
– Designed to Reduce Assembly Time & Errors Current Lift Axle Circuitries Present
– Features Protected Exhaust Ports
– Solenoid Rated for 9-16 VDC


MEETS: SAE J1128 and IP65
TEMPERATURE: -40°F to 160°F